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Hoarse voice: its causes and how to solve this problem

Hoarse voice: its causes and how to solve this problem

How to recognize the main causes of this disease and which cure to follow to get your voice back

Hoarse voice, also known as dysphonia, is a voice alteration that can affect everyone, from young people to adults. When you suffer from it, it is difficult to control volume and quality of your voice.

The first thing to do is to not talk too much and go see your doctor. Hoarse voice and pain when you try and talk are the first symptoms. Let’s see the causes of dysphonia and how to treat it.

Dysphonia: main causes

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1. The first cause can be an organic alteration, for example an inflammation of the oral cavity. It can be caused by gastric reflux, pharyngitis, laryngitis or allergies. In the more serious cases, the throat and the vocal folds are inflamed because of surgeries. Or there can be nodules or vocal folds polyps.

2. We talk about functional dysphonia when you use your voice in the wrong way, for example when the volume of the voice is to high or you use it for too long. Screaming or frequently clearing your throat are not good for you vocal folds. Usually, teachers, lawyers or singers suffer from this condition.

Hoarse voice treatment

The first thing to do is to take care of the cause. In case of larynx inflammation due to smoking or allergies, your doctor will give you some medications to treat it. Speech therapy exercises against dysphonia are very useful to learn how to better use your voice and avoid using it too much. In the most serious cases it is necessary to follow a week or month-long therapy. For this reason, it is necessary a strong willpower to solve the problem.

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