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Holidays almost over? Here’s how to keep your tan all year round!


How to keep your tan long after the holidays: it’s difficult, but not impossible! Here are some tips to prolong your tan without peeling.

How to keep your tan without peeling and without losing that fantastic tan we have been working for all summer? The question is always this, and every year it’s the same story: so much effort to get a tan and after a few days without the sea, the hard- won golden color disappears!

Even if being tanned all year round is impossible (sure, there are lamps, but they are not a healthy choice), prolonging the tan for a while after returning from vacation is not that difficult. Let’s see how to go about keep your tan after summer, without peeling.

How to keep your tan

There are several methods and secrets to not lose our beautiful dark color, and they all have a common denominator: the care of our skin! You have to take care of the skin before, during and after the summer, through beauty products, but also taking care of supplies and correcting some other habit.


What to do before the summer

First of all, the secret to making your tan last is to prepare your skin for the sun before summer. Take beta-carotene supplements, vitamins A, C and E, eat lots of red and orange fruit and drink two liters of water a day. In this way your skin will be ready to resist UV rays and your tan will be better

The products to maintain the tan during and after the summer

Basically, the secrets are to always have hydrated skin, use the right products, take cold showers and apply sunscreen even after you return from vacation. But let’s find out more: here’s how to keep your tan during and after the summer:

– In order not to peel, you must always expose yourself to the sun with a protective cream suitable for your phototype and in the evening, after a shower, apply an after- sun cream .

-Attention to cleansing the skin: do not use aggressive soaps or shower gel , better a cleansing oil. The lukewarm shower is preferable to hot baths, because too hot water tends to dry the skin and promote peeling. Also, when you dry, do not wipe with the towel but pat gently.

Always moisturize your skin after each wash with natural creams or natural body oils , such as almond and coconut, for use on damp skin.

-If you notice that you are starting to peel, exfoliate the skin with a gentle scrub and apply a nourishing cream. Don’t overdo it though: twice a week is enough, but don’t use acid-based creams and don’t do chemical peels.

Depilate with an electric razor or epilator , avoiding waxing and depilatory cream

Do not use perfumes and other alcohol-based cosmetics, which dry and irritate the skin.

-The air conditioning takes away the tan, as well as the chlorine in the swimming pool: try to avoid both, and in case you jumped into the pool, as soon as you leave, wash them with fresh non-chlorinated water and immediately apply a lotion.

-Another remedy to maintain a tan can be the intake of beta carotene. A naturally occurring plant pigment of red, orange or yellow color. We have selected this product for you to guarantee you a lasting tan.

-Finally, take advantage of the sunny days to get a tan even in the city , perhaps in the park during your lunch break.

What to eat to maintain a tan

The advice is to follow a healthy , correct diet rich in water, vitamins and minerals. There are certainly a number of foods in particular to be preferred. Here are which ones:

Orange , yellow and red fruits and vegetables
– Green vegetables, such as spinach, lettuce or rocket.
-Food rich in fatty acids, such as salmon .

In addition to this, drink two liters of water a day: in this way you will help your skin to stay beautiful and hydrated .

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