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Homemade chicken cordon bleu is even tastier!

Cordon bleu

Feel like cordon bleu? Here is the quick recipe to make them at home with just a few ingredients: tender chicken, ham and cheese.

They are loved by the little ones and not only. Chicken cordon bleu are the second most appreciated, because they are genuine and tasty at the same time. From today, it is also possible to prepare them at home with a very simple recipe. The preparation does not include anything demanding, only quality ingredients: the most important is the meat, which must be tender and fresh. To make them, choose a good chicken breast to be breaded to perfection. A lot of attention, then, is needed for the filling: like the classic recipe, we also use only ham and cheese , to make a very crunchy dish even more delicious.

Ready and fasten the apron!

Cordon bleu
Cordon bleu

Preparation of the recipe for cordon bleu

  1. First, remove any fatty parts left in the chicken slices.
  2. Place each slice on a work surface and mash it with a meat mallet.
  3. Take one slice of ham at a time and put a piece of cheese on one side, then wrap it up.
  4. Once done, place each filling in the center of each flattened slice of chicken breast. Fold the slice of meat to wrap the filling (in bundle ways) and be careful that it does not come out.
  5. Press on the edges of the meat.
  6. After filling each slice of chicken breast, place the breadcrumbs in a small bowl.
  7. Break and beat the eggs in another, adding the salt, and go to breading .
  8. Completely dip each cordon bleu into the egg, before dipping it into the breadcrumbs. Press lightly to allow the breading to be homogeneous . In this step, pay attention to the opening, so as not to let the filling come out.
  9. Once done, take a high-sided pan and fill it with enough seed oil . Turn on the heat and, when it reaches 165 ° C, start cooking.
  10. Put one cordon bleu at a time in the oil and fry for 4-5 minutes on each side , until golden brown. Once cooked, place them on a tray covered with absorbent paper and let them cool.

The variant of baked cordon bleu

The classic version that we have proposed could only be that of pan-fried and fried cordon bleu. However, there is also the possibility of cooking this second dish in the oven, so that it is slightly lighter. To do this, you do not have to skip any step other than cooking: take a pan covered with parchment paper , grease it with extra virgin olive oil, lay the cordon bleu on top, add a little more oil and put in a static oven at 200 ° C for about 10-15 minutes (this depends on the power of your appliance, but be careful not to burn the breading).


Homemade cordon bleu is great to eat freshly cooked. If it should be left over, you can keep it for a few hours at room temperature and warm it up a little before serving.

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