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Homeopathy: what it is? Does it really work?

Homeopathy: what it is? Does it really work?

Let’s learn something more about homeopathy: meaning, how it works and some other information!

There is a long-standing debate about homeopathy. Someone hates it, others support it, someone else thinks it is just a placebo and some people use its remedies constantly. What is the truth about this alternative medicine? Does it actually work? Let’s find out its history and the most common remedies!

What is homeopathy?

This practice was born during the 18th century, thanks to Samuel Hahnemann, who is considered the father of this alternative medicine. This doctor, disappointed by traditional medicine outcomes, decided to try alternative medicines on him and on some volunteers.

His concept was “like cures like”. What does it mean? This principle was taken from Hippocrates’ “similia similibus curantur”, often translated with “what makes a man ill also cures him”. According to this concept, the substances that provoke illness in a person if used in smaller, diluted and optimazed doses can actually cure the same disease. This can apply to serious and less serious disease, from sleeping problems to muscle pains.

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Therefore, according to homeopathy, the same active ingredient can, at the same time, make a person fall ill or cure him. It is a matter of doses: low ones can heal.

Different types of homeopathy

In general, we can say that this practice tends to consider the human being as a whole, studying physical and psychological features, age, lifestyle and emotional factors.

However, there are also internal differences. This alternative medicine split into two methods: unicist and pluralist. The first one uses just one remedy for all the patient’s pathologies, trying to collect all the symptoms and condense them in one cure. Instead, the pluralist method consists of using more remedies, according to the different symptoms.

There is also the complex homeopathy, which uses more single remedies all together, and the antihomotoxic homeopathy.

Homeopathic remedies: products and cures

Homeopathic medicines are made with natural active ingredients taken from the mineral, vegetal or animal kingdom. Then, a dilution and dynamization process activates these substances. In this way, they lose their possible toxicity and take on therapeutic properties.

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Technically speaking, these remedies have no side effects nor risks, so they are not dangeros to take in any case. Where to buy homeopathic medicines? You can find them in every pharmacy, because there aren’t dedicated places.

Does homeopathy actually work?

Nowadays, the debate about this alternative medicine is very active, because there is no verified scientific base for homeopathy. In fact, if you read the label on these kind of products, you will find that the active ingredients they contain is in doses so low that it is irrelevant for traditional medicine.

For this reason, many doctors consider this practice just as a placebo effect. Instead, others consider it very effective. One thing we know for sure: this debate will not stop any time soon. In fact, it will last for a long time!

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