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Hornet sting: here’s what to know and how to act naturally

insect bite

Not sure what to do after a hornet sting? Find out how to act and the natural remedies to find relief immediately.

The hornet sting is one of the negative effects of summer. When, spending a lot of time in the open air , you are more likely to encounter these insects and, obviously, to their bites. So let’s find out what there is to know about it and what are the most useful natural remedies to combat itching and swelling .

Hornet stings: what to do and how to act quickly and naturally

The bumblebee sting is one of the most annoying that can be experienced when meeting the summer.

insect bite
insect bite

The bumblebee’s sting is in fact imbued with a poison as toxic as that of the viper. Fortunately, the small size of the hymenoptera means that its sting is not dangerous. However, negative and annoying effects remain, such as swelling, itching and in some cases pain.

If you are stung by a hornet, then, unless you are allergic and therefore in danger of life (a situation in which you must go immediately to the emergency room) you can put into practice some rather effective natural remedies. Remedies even more valid if immediately after the sting you take care to press around you to let the poison out.

Simple and effective natural remedies with hornet sting

As already mentioned, in the event of a hornet sting, the first thing to do is to press the area where you have been stung to release the poison. Once this is done you will have to wash the part carefully. If you have vinegar, you can dab it on the sting to disinfect it.

For swelling, on the other hand, it will be enough to apply ice in order to reduce it and at the same time obtain a feeling of immediate relief. Baking soda can also be a good alternative for those without ice. In fact, it will be enough to mix it with water to obtain a cream thick enough to apply in the area of ​​the sting and leave it to act for a few minutes.

We remind you that the natural remedies mentioned above are good only to eliminate the problem of swelling and burning. If you have a full-blown allergy or you realize you have an allergic reaction in progress, it is very important not to waste time and go to the emergency room immediately.

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