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Hot water on an empty stomach: does it really work?

Hot water

Drinking hot water on an empty stomach is a simple gesture, which helps cleanse the body. Let’s find out what all the health benefits are.

Everyone knows that drinking two liters of water during the day is essential to keep the body hydrated. Not many know, however, that it would be even better to drink hot water on an empty stomach regularly, both to hydrate the body and to cleanse it of toxins.

Hot water speeds up the metabolism , thus helping to lose weight, and has a detox effect, especially with the addition of a little lemon juice. Obviously, at first drinking hot water can be unpleasant, especially in summer, but with time you get used to it. Let’s see what all the benefits of this gesture are.

Drinking hot water: the benefits

First of all, drinking hot water makes you lose weight, or rather, awakens your metabolism and therefore helps you lose weight more easily (obviously it does not work miracles, you must also follow a healthy diet and play sports regularly).

Hot water
Hot water

On an empty stomach, hot water is excellent for fighting constipation , while during or after meals it stimulates digestion.

Drinking hot water regularly helps to eliminate toxins and excess fluids . The detox effect makes this habit also excellent for purifying the skin, counteracting acne, oily scalp and dandruff.

Finally, hot water improves blood circulation, relieves menstrual cramps, gives relief in case of sore throat and cold.

When to drink hot water?

It is possible to drink warm or warm water at any time of the day, but it is preferable to do it on an empty stomach. To detoxify the body, the ideal is to drink it as soon as you wake up, before breakfast , preferably with a dash of lemon juice. In addition, hot water in the morning stimulates the intestines and defeat constipation. To enhance the laxative effect, it is also useful to drink hot water before bed.

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