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Hot yoga: how to practice and what are the benefits

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Hot yoga is a variant of yoga that is performed at high temperatures and which gives several benefits: this is how it works.

Hot yoga, as the name suggests, is a variant of yoga whose practice is carried out at extremely hot temperatures and with a very high rate of humidity. It is a discipline lasting about 90 minutes during which different positions supported by some breathing exercises are performed. A type of yoga that gives various benefits and which, among other things, helps to consume many calories.

How hot yoga works

Practicing hot yoga is not difficult as long as you are able to endure the heat. In fact, the practice involves performing 26 asana positions in a room with a temperature of 41 ° and a humidity rate of 40%. A choice that involves a greater expenditure of calories (from 400 to 600 per session) and a greater elasticity but which can cause problems in those who are not in harmony with the high temperatures.

yoga mat
yoga mat

If you can stand them, however, you will be able to enjoy the advantage of being able to assume even difficult positions with greater ease and all without weighing on the muscles.
To practice it, in addition to enjoying excellent health, it is necessary to hydrate well both before and after the yoga session. Obviously comfortable and not too heavy clothes should be worn. Classic yoga clothing will do just fine.

Hot yoga: the benefits

Practicing hot yoga has several benefits due both to the asana positions that focus on individual parts of the body and to the very hot temperature, specifically designed to protect the muscles and to give greater flexibility. Among the most revealing are:

– Reduction of stress
– Better elasticity
– Smoother blood circulation
– Better digestion
– Greater oxygenation
– Protection of the heart
– More muscle tone
– Detoxification of the organism
– Beneficial effects on posture
– Less pain in the back
– Reduction of joint pain
– Higher calorie consumption
– More beautiful skin
– Reduction of blood glucose

Like all disciplines, of course, hot yoga also has contraindications . Those who have heart problems, for example, should refrain from practicing it and the same applies to those who have problems with sustaining too high temperatures or are enormously underweight.
Before starting to practice it, therefore, it is advisable to seek advice from your doctor.

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