What is the secret to lose weight? Follow the hourly diet and choose the right time for your meals!

It is not necessary to follow a rigid diet to lose weight: just choose the right time for your meals. This was demonstrated by a British study published in the Journal of Nutritional Sciences.

According to researchers, delaying your breakfast and anticipating your dinner will help to burn body fat. Let’s see in detail why and at what time is better to eat to lose weight.

Hourly diet: the best times for meals

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At the moment, the study conducted by the University of Surrey has no scientific value, because it used a small sample of people. Therefore, it must be repeated on a larger number of people, but the early results are encouraging. By postponing the time of your breakfast and anticipating your dinner of about ninety minutes, in ten weeks you will lose twice the body fat than those who follow the same diet but not the same times.

This is possible without changing your diet. Of course, this does not mean you can eat junk food: you still need to follow a healthy and balanced diet.

There are two possible explanations for this weight loss: the change of time affects metabolism. Moreover, spending less time between one meal and another makes you feel less hungry. The study analyzed British people, which usually have two meals, breakfast and dinner.

You should then change your eating habits, by replacing your lunch with a quick snack, as British people do.

PHOTO SOURCE: https://pixabay.com/it/prima-colazione-sano-cibo-dieta-1663295/

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