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According to a recent study, dust contains chemicals which make us gain weight and develop fat!

You started going to the gym and changed your diet, but you are still gaining weight? The problem could be the dust in your house. According to a recent study, it contains chemicals which can develop fat cells.

Dust buildups have a negative effect on the endocrine system. This hypothesis was developed in a new study presented at the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society by the Nicholas School of the Environment of the Duke University. Let’s find out together what you need to know about it!

Dust at home makes you gain weight!

The small parts dust contains make our body build fat up. This is the outcome of the new study. The cause of this problem would lead to overweight, both in children and in adults.

Scientists examined the effects of house dust and understood they are responsible of the triglyceride buildup, which is fat in blood. This could lead not only to overweight, but also to obesity in children and in all relatives.

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Researchers took many dust samples and the outcomes were surprising. Even in small quantities there are substances that make us gain weight. The problem is that these substances are everywhere, from toy paints to detergents.

For this reason, it looks like there is no solution to this problem. Deeply cleaning our house is not enough, because we could still be surrounded by these substances. What can we do? Experts say to keep our habit of cleaning our house daily.

So, it is important to open the windows every day to refresh the house and use the vacuum cleaner daily. Moreover, it is recommended to deeply clean our homes at least once a week. In this way, you can reduce the risk of suffering from overweight and obesity.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/photos/pulizia-lavaggio-pulitura-l-ilo-268126/

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