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How is meat loaf made? The classic recipe (which you will love)


Here’s how to perfectly make the classic meatloaf recipe (and some cooking tips!).

For lovers of tradition, today we will make the classic version of the meatloaf in the oven: the meat one. We have chosen minced beef, but you can also opt for a combination of different varieties of meat: you can, for example, combine pork, veal and chicken according to your tastes. So let’s see the recipe for meatloaf, a recipe that … immediately makes family !


How to prepare the meatloaf recipe

  1. Start by mixing the meat, eggs, chopped onion and 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley.
  2. Soften the crumbs of the 2 sandwiches in the milk. Then, add it to the meat mixture with half of the melted butter, salt and pepper.
  3. Work with your hands, until it is homogeneous, transfer it to a cutting board lined with parchment paper and give it the classic shape of meatloaf with your hands.

Cooking meat loaf in the oven

  1. To bake it in the oven , place it in an oval saucepan on a bed of melted butter (before we only used half) , rosemary and sage.
  2. Brown it in the oven for about ten minutes at 180 ° C , then add half a glass of red wine, salt and pepper.
  3. Cook for an hour , adding a little broth from time to time.

How to cook meatloaf in a pan

Did you know that it is also possible to cook meatloaf in a pan ? It’s very simple: get one that is larger in diameter than the meatloaf itself (a cast iron pot would be ideal).

  1. Arrange a bed of butter and herbs and brown the meatloaf on both sides so that it takes on color.
  2. Add the wine and broth and, over low heat, cook for another 50 minutes.

In both cases, serve it sprinkled with a veil of homemade tomato puree .

Variants of the meatloaf and tips

You can also make it with white meats such as turkey and veal, but the fatter the meat, the more succulent and soft the result. To give that extra touch, add raw ham or finely shredded bacon, the salt and fat of the sliced ​​will help the final taste of the dish. Alternatively, you can also dress it externally with slices of bacon before putting it in the oven.

Finally you can try adding a few cubes of cheese and mix it well with the meat. Once cooked, let it cool and cut a few thick slices, finding small flowing hearts will be a joy for your palate and that of your guests.


Keep it for a maximum of 5 days in the fridge, inside a special airtight container . With the leftovers you can make meatballs or a meat sauce so that nothing goes to waste.

If you love this rich dish, try all our meatloaf recipes : they will win you over!

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