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How many carbohydrates a day is it right to eat? What you need to know in order not to make mistakes

Foods rich and not in carbohydrates

How many carbohydrates per day should be consumed in a proper diet? Everything you need to know about it to eat right.

If you too are wondering how many carbohydrates per day you should consume, the first thing to know is that the answer is not so obvious. The quantity of this macro nutrient varies according to various factors such as age, physical fitness and the objectives to be achieved. So let’s find out what there is to know to make the right choice .

How many carbohydrates to take per day according to your needs

As already mentioned, the right amount of carbohydrates (as well as that of proteins and fats) varies from person to person. It is also susceptible to further variables based on lifestyle, any work activity carried out and physical activity.

Foods rich and not in carbohydrates
Foods rich and not in carbohydrates

Establishing a number that works for everyone is therefore practically impossible . Wanting to stay on the theory, in general, the daily carbohydrates to be taken range from 2 to 3g per kg of weight for a woman who leads a quiet life. The value instead rises from 4 to 7g per kg of weight in a man with the same lifestyle. As already mentioned, however, this value changes based on various variables which obviously also include pathologies such as diabetes or insulin resistance .

In order to understand how many grams of carbohydrates per day it is right to consume, you should therefore perform a complete medical history , evaluate your personal goals (weight loss, definition, muscle strengthening, etc …) and choose, together with a nutritionist, the quantity suitable for the particular moment of the life. It is in fact a quantity that among other things tends to vary also according to the moment in which one is living.

How to choose which carbohydrates to consume to live well and stay fit and healthy

Now that we have established that the choice of the amount of carbohydrates is more complex than you think, it is good to emphasize how these should be consumed.

First of all, it is important to always place them in the context of a balanced diet, that is, also including a good amount of lean proteins and good fats. That said, it is important to remember that the recommended carbohydrates are those from whole grains, fruits , vegetables and legumes. While those deriving from refined cereals, sugars and industrial products should be consumed with extreme moderation.

By eating in this way you will be sure to choose the right carbohydrates, that is, those able to keep the body healthy and in excellent shape. If you have to take a few and don’t know which way to turn, then there is always the low carb diet .

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