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How much water you should drink every day?

How much water you should drink every day?

Find out how much water you should drink every day and the best advice to help taking it more.

Drinking water is one of the fundamental needs for human beings. It helps staying hydrated and feeling healthy, but if there’s a lack of it, the body starts sending warning signals. First a headache, then tiredness and fatigue, and in the most serious cases also kidney stones.

There is no general standard for how much you should drink every day, but it has to be at least a liter of water. However, you should also take into account your weight, height and lifestyle.

At the same time, drinking too much water can be dangerous, because the body cannot absorb and eliminate it all. As a consequence, you overload your kidneys and suffer from stomachaches and nausea.

How much water you should drink every day?

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An average person who weights from 50 to 70kg following a sedentary lifestyle should drink a liter and a half of water. Instead, if you go to the gym, you should drink one or two glasses more.

People living an intense lifestyle and heavy workouts are recommended to drink two liters of water. However, try and understand your body’s needs: if you feel nauseos, stop drinking it.

3 ideas to drink more

A good habit can be drinking herbal teas at least twice a day. Try and drink about half a liter of tea or herbal tea during the morning; do the same in the afternoon. In this way, not only you will drink, but you will also benefit from the draining or detox properties of these teas.

Every now and then, eat a watery soup. The more water it will contain, the more your body will absorb it. It can be a good idea not only in winter, but also in summer. When it’s hot, let the soup cool down and eat it lukewarm, it will help you hydrating and boosting your intake of mineral salts and vitamins.

Another good idea is making detox smoothies and juices. Dilute them with water and ice to make them lighter and perfect for every moment of your day.

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