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How often do you have to change the sheets?

Bed sheets

Changing the sheets and towels regularly is important: we see how often to do it, according to the advice of the grandmother.

Changing sheets, blankets and towels regularly is essential, for obvious hygiene reasons. Sweat, dead skin cells, hair and bacteria settle on the sheets, especially in summer. The latter proliferate even more on towels, which remain wet after use.

Let’s see how often the linen change of the house should be done, following the wise advice of our grandmothers.

How often to change the sheets?

As we have anticipated, sweat, dead cells and bacteria settle on the bed, so changing the sheets once a month is definitely wrong .

Bed sheets
Bed sheets

The ideal is to change them once a week , especially in summer. In winter, it is possible to extend the time up to a maximum of 10-12 days, but not more. Attention, then, to the pillowcases : they must be changed more often, at least twice a week, to prevent bacteria from causing acne and pimples .

How often do you wash the bedspread?

Do not neglect the rest of the linen: blankets, mattress covers and bedspreads should be washed once a month – more often if stained. Quilts and duvets can be washed every two to three months.

Once every six months, clean the mattress thoroughly using a vacuum cleaner and let it air out .

Every three or six months wash the cushions and buy them new every two years .

How often to change the towels?

Changing towels frequently is even more important. Staying wet, in fact, they are the ideal environment for bacteria.

The face towel should be changed after each use, while the hand and bidet towels should be changed once a day .

Bath towels and bathrobes can be washed after three uses, or at most once a week . Remember, too, that everyone in the house must have their own towels.

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