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How the Cram diet works: lose weight and deflate the belly (in just 3 days!)

Lose weight

The Cram diet is the diet that promises to lose weight in 3 days, thanks to the intake of only 4 foods!

A new and highly appreciated diet regime arrives that allows us to lose weight quickly and find the desired physical shape in just 3 days: it is the Cram diet, and think about it … plan to eat only four foods !

This diet allows you to deflate your belly quickly and also counteract bowel problems. Before reading, however, we recommend that you always consult your doctor before embarking on a new diet. What do you say, do we find out more?

What is the Cram diet and how long does it last

The term Cram refers to the four permitted foods: cereals (cereal), rice (rice), apples (applesauce) and milk (milk). This diet in particular is aimed at making us deflate the belly and cleanse the body, and it is in fact a detox path. These ingredients, then, would guarantee vitamins, minerals, proteins and the right amount of fiber and carbohydrates.

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In addition to this we must integrate two liters of water daily to remove all excess toxins. Everything must be followed for a period of three days!

Finally, diet is associated with physical activity , even just a walk in the open air every day of about half an hour or some exercise at home.

Cram diet example: menu and how it works

Is there a pattern of the Cram diet? Let’s better understand how it works. It is a very restrictive diet, for this reason it cannot be followed for a long period of time, but only for three days .

The diet in question is very rich in liquids , so you need to drink lots of water and herbal teas . It also differs from the classic ones in that proteins are excluded, obviously the milk is removed. Promoting the consumption of carbohydrates, dairy products and fiber, useful for bowel movements .

What are we eating? As we said, the term is an acronym for cereals, rice, apples and milk. The seasonings granted, however, are ginger, lemon, basil and oil .

Let’s see an example of a daily menu:

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Breakfast : apple juice, milk and rusks.

Morning snack : cooked apple.

Lunch : a plate of brown rice with ginger, oil and lemon.

Afternoon snack : a glass of skim milk.

Dinner : a plate of wholemeal pasta with oil and basil.

Cram diet: contraindications

As you may have guessed, this diet is not a balanced diet, which is why you should only follow three days, and not one more day. Furthermore, it must be said that being very restrictive and radical, it is not said that it works : first of all, the risk is that such a drastic transition to such a poor diet will make you hungry, and therefore will be interrupted.

Secondly, this diet does not provide a maintenance phase, so it is possible to envisage a resumption of pounds lost as soon as we return to our normal habits.

In short, trying does not cost anything, but if you are looking for a diet to lose weight and lose extra pounds, you should contact a nutritionist, who will be able to advise you on the best choice for you and your body.

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