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How the Nordic diet works: a valid help to lower cholesterol


The Nordic diet, or that of the Scandinavian countries, is excellent for losing weight and lowering cholesterol. Let’s see how it works.

The Nordic diet , that is the nutrition of the Nordic countries , is one of the healthiest in the world and could even be better than the Mediterranean one. To say it was a study by the University of Copenhagen, which observed for two months the changes of two groups of overweight people, one who followed the Danish diet and the other the Mediterranean one.

At the end of the two months, the members of the first group lost three pounds more than those of the second group. Weight loss is not the only benefit of the Nordic diet, which also helps lower cholesterol and diabetes levels . Have we convinced you to try it? Let’s see how it works!

Nordic diet: scheme and allowed foods

The Nordic diet is based primarily on the seasonality of foods , which must always be fresh and zero kilometer. Frozen and canned foods, full of preservatives, are banned.

Fish (especially salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, cod and tuna), whole grains and vegetables must never be missing at the table. Meat should not come from intensive farms, as should eggs. As seasonings you must use vegetable oils, sour cream and yogurt , as sweeteners honey and maple syrup.

Nordic diet: weekly menu


The diet must always be personalized, so we invite you to seek advice from a nutritionist. However, below you will find an example of a weekly menu , which will help you understand how the Scandinavian diet works.

– Monday. Breakfast: wholemeal red fruit muffin, tea. Lunch: brown rice with vegetables. Dinner: fish and spinach soup.

– Tuesday. Breakfast: milk, whole grains and fruit. Lunch: toast with wholemeal bread and low-fat cheese with vegetable garnish. Dinner: meatballs with baked potatoes.

– Wednesday. Breakfast: wholemeal bread with honey and milk. Lunch : shrimp salad with sour cream. Dinner: omelette with spinach.

– Thursday. Breakfast: yogurt with muesli and red fruits. Lunch: brown rice with tomatoes. Dinner: salmon with vegetables and whole wheat bread.

– Friday. Breakfast: yogurt with fruit salad. Lunch: legume soup with cereals. Dinner: roast with baked potatoes.

– Saturday. Breakfast: eggs with wholemeal bread. Lunch: brown rice with vegetables. Dinner: grilled meat with vegetables.

– Sunday. Breakfast: yogurt with red fruit sauce and wholemeal bread. Lunch: barley salad with cabbage. Dinner: cod with vegetables and whole wheat bread.

Mediterranean diet and Nordic diet: which is the best?

Although the study we told you about previously seems to have demonstrated the superiority of the Nordic diet over the Mediterranean diet, both diet regimes are very healthy .

Among other things, the two diets have points in common, such as the abundant consumption of blue fish, whole grains, seasonal fruit and vegetables.

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