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How to buy groceries in summer

How to buy groceries in summer

With this hot weather, we do not want to get out of the house, especially if we need to go shopping for groceries.

Even if supermarkets have air conditioning, the heavy shopping bags, filled with your groceries, will make you feel sweaty and tired once you get home. In order to avoid this annoying situation, you just need to follow some efficient advice, in order to do your grocery shopping in a comfortable way!

Buy online to save your energies

The first amazing advice against the high temperatures is: buy your groceries online! Nowadays you can buy literally everything on the Internet and a lot of supermarkets offer this service. Buying food, drinks and typical products online is easy and convenient. Moreover, the staff of the supermarket will bring your shopping bags directly at your house!

There are a lot of pros for this choice. You won’t waste your time, energies and money. Moreover, you will not get tired looking around for the products you want in the supermarket, waiting for the queue at the cashier, and you do not need to lift any heavy bag.

Pay attention to where you keep your groceries

During summer,the rate of food waste is higher. This is due to two factors: you pay less attention when shopping, because you cannot wait to go home, and you underestimate the effect of the high temperatures on the foods.

In order to keep tyour products in the best way during summer, you need to keep in mind the difference between expiring date and best before. The first one indicates the latest day you have to eat that food. The second one is the date to which the product still keeps its specific properties, if stored in the right way.

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Moreover, you need to remember to keep frozen food always at the same temperature, without any change. Instead, for what concerns all those foods you can keep at room temperature, such as pasta or cookies, be careful and do not move them in hotter places, where the temperature and humidity can spoil them. Once you open them, remember to keep them in closed jars.

Avoid to keep for a long time at room temperature or in the fridge all those foods that you need to cook before eating them, such as fish or meat.

Eat just some foods

The first rule you need to follow when you buy your groceries is to choose fruits and vegetables. It is not just a matter of eating healthy, but it is also fundamental to be well hydrated. At the same time, buying these products can be risky, due to the hot weather.

Fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, if not well kept, can become very dangerous for our health. Therefore, it is better to buy less products, in order to be sure for the food to be fresh.

In order to fight the water and mineral salt loss due to sweating, it is necessary to drink a lot. Therefore, during summer reduce the intake of sugary or soft drinks, and avoid too cold ones, because they can cause a congestion.

Moreover, you should also avoid alcohol, that increases sweating and the hot feeling, but also coffee. With high temperatures, our digesting process is less efficient, therefore it is important to eat light foods. Finally, it is necessary to reduce the intake of fats, meat and fried food; avoid too elaborate seasonings and spicy foods. Choose fish, that is more easily digestible and has less calories.

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