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Find out the best way to buy your groceries: here is a list of golden rules and all the precautions to avoid wasting food.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to go buy the right amount of groceries, because you can end up buying too few or too many, risking a lot of waste or nothing to eat at all! Then, how to understand how to buy only the things you need and make the perfect shopping list?

The secret is to be constant and respect the plans. The simplest thing to do is to decide in advance what you want to eat in the following days, or at least have an idea. It is also important to choose carefully what to buy every day, especially when it comes of fresh products such as meat, fish or bread. let’s see how to save money avoiding wasting food and choosing high quality foods!

The 5 rules for the perfect shopping

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  1. The first rule is: do not go buying groceries on an empty stomach. You risk to buy more things than you need, and you will probably end up not eating them.
  2. Make a shopping list before going out. Think about what you want to eat during the week and how many people will eat. In this way, you will spend less time wandering around the supermarket and you will focus on choosing the best products.
  3. Even though sales can be tempting, try and be reasonable and do not take more than you need, especially when it comes of fresh products such as vegetables, fish or meat.
  4. Buy groceries in a balanced way. This means you should not purchase just pasta, vegetables or meat. Try and buy a bit of everything, following a balanced and healthy diet.
  5. Always check the expiring date, especially of dairy products and fresh foods. Usually, they expire in a few days. Instead, be careful with fish and meat: even if fresh, you should eat them the same day or the following one.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/photos/lo-shopping-business-al-dettaglio-1165437/

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