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How to choose the right hair care products

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Taking care of your hair is important for both women and men

We all want to have healthy, beautiful and glowing hair . To achieve an impeccable result, it is necessary to choose the right products based on the characteristics of the hair and the needs it needs.

hair care products pharmacy loreto

Hair care: where to start?

The first thing to do is to identify the right channel in which to buy hair care products . It’s easy to find everything you need online, but when it comes to health and well-being, we can’t rely on chance. Our advice is to identify authoritative sites that offer a wide choice of natural and professional products that put hair care at the center of attention.

Hair health begins with nutrition. A diet rich in fruit and vegetables allows us to provide the right nutrients for healthy hair. These foods are among the favorites of our hair and among the most recommended if we want to take care of them in the right way.

Then there are small daily gestures to pay attention to. Starting with washing, which must be delicate and infrequent. Washing your hair too often can stimulate excessive sebum production and contribute to greasy hair. Even better if you finish washing with a jet of cold water to close the cuticles and make the hair more brilliant and luminous.

Even drying must follow some small precautions that allow us to protect them. To dry your hair properly remember to:

  • do not wring wet hair, use a towel to gently pat and remove excess water;
  • use the hair dryer with diffuser to avoid stressing the skin with heat;
  • avoid combing wet hair or use suitable brushes, preferably with wide teeth.

These small actions will help you make your hair healthier and make the most of the properties of the products you will apply during your beauty routine.

The choice of hair products

You have found the right channel to buy and you have improved the small daily gestures to treat your hair. The time has come to move on to the choice of products.

Based on the characteristics of the hair you will have to opt for specific ingredients and treatments, useful for highlighting the qualities and managing the weak points.

Dry hair

Dry hair has insufficient sebum production and this leads to excessive dryness and a stem rich in scales. The only solution in this case is hydration . Choose a moisturizing and gentle shampoo, apply an emollient conditioner, opt for nourishing masks and use soft brushes to distribute the sebum gently along the entire length.

Fat hair

In this case the problem lies in the excessive production of sebum which makes the hair appear shiny and dirty . The right products are those that allow you to normalize the production of sebum and act on the scalp. Choose purifying lotions and massage the skin gently so as to let the products act in depth.

Let’s dispel a myth: oily hair is not influenced by the amount of washes but is linked to the secretion of sebum which in turn depends on numerous causes (hormonal, stress, genetics, smog and much more).

Dull and dull hair

When the hair appears dull and dull it means that the shaft does not reflect light well. The solution to this problem lies in the use of products that allow to restore brightness and brilliance.

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