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How to clean your mattress in a natural way

How to clean your mattress in a natural way

How to clean your mattress and eliminate mites, dust, and every type of stain using natural disinfectant and whitening products.

Deeply and regularly cleaning your bedroom helps keeping bacteria and dust mites away. These tend to deposit on mattresses, especially in closed  and poorly ventilated rooms. Sunlight and fresh air are two excellent remedies to keep them away. Moreover, creams, oily products or food may stain your bed. You can remove any trace of dirt with good natural products like baking soda and lemon.

With lemon juice and vinegar, you can prepare a disinfectant to refresh your mattress weekly. Moroever, with baking soda and tea tree oil you can prepare an exceptional product to remove the most persistent stains. Let’s see how to use these products in the most efficient way!

How to clean your mattress from dust mites and dust

How to clean your mattress in a natural way

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– Against dust mites and dust, the ideal is to keep your bed in a cool and ventilated area. Every morning, open the window to let the air circulate.

Change the sheets and vacuum the mattress once a week. Alternatively, if you do not have a vacuum cleaner, put the mattress outdoors and beat it with a broom to drop the dirt from its surface. The sun will do the rest. Thanks to the warmth and fresh air, the mattress will regain a new freshness and will be cleaner without using any product.

– Prepare a disinfectant and completely natural spray to clean the mattress and pillows. Mix half a glass of vinegar, the juice of half a lemon and half a glass of distilled water. Spray it on the surface, let sit for one minute and remove with a cotton or microfiber cloth. Finally, leave to dry naturally in a warm place or in the sunlight, avoiding humid or cold locations.

How to remove stains and smells from a mattress?

To remove persistent stains of food, pen or body fluids, you can clean the mattress with baking soda. This product is great because it has a powerful whitening and disinfectant effect. You can apply it directly on the stain if it is fresh, or dilute it with tap water and let sit for a few minutes.

Against smells, tea tree oil is very efficient. Mix a glass of baking soda with 5 drops of the tea tree essential oil. Then, spread the mixture with a colander on the mattress. Let act for about an hour and wipe off any residue with a vacuum cleaner.

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