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How to create natural compresses to protect the skin from the sun

Basil essential oil

Some foods, such as oil or rice starch, can be the ingredients of sunscreen wraps. Here’s how to protect yourself naturally.

Perhaps not everyone knows that foods normally present in our kitchens can be ingredients of homemade wraps or cosmetics for sun protection. Examples include olive oil, shea butter, oatmeal or rice starch, licorice, chamomile and mallow. These natural solutions are very useful to prepare the skin in the sun before the holidays, or to relieve it after exposure to sunlight.

They are real cure-all, both for the health of the skin and for the quality of the tan. After all, the sun has beneficial effects on our skin and our body. So let’s see how to create packs for sun protection in view of the summer.

The benefits of the sun

Some studies have confirmed that the sun stimulates cellular metabolism and facilitates the production of vitamin D, fundamental for being able to fix calcium in the bones . Sunbathing also helps strengthen the immune system, in addition to the fact that it performs a skin-purifying and sebum-regulating action on the skin.

So the sun is our useful ally, also for blood circulation and mood, and for this we need to know how to behave. In fact, a wrong exposure or without sun protection can cause big problems.

Let’s see how to transform the sun’s rays into natural medicine , thanks also to the compresses that we will learn to prepare.

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Food and natural sun protection

As in everything, there are pros and cons for light radiation. For this reason it is essential to avoid wrong exposure , especially if you want to maximize the benefits of sunlight.

You must always keep in mind that it is necessary to protect yourself from the sun, and therefore to filter the most aggressive rays. To do this we can use classic creams or create wraps for our skin, as well as following a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The best substances are all oils, in particular those obtained from cold pressing . In fact, they are rich in unsaturated fats, very useful substances for the skin.

An example above all is the extra virgin olive oil , without considering that its smell is not annoying. Another ingredient that can be used to produce a sunscreen is shea butter , an excellent also used individually.

With products such as chamomile or mallow it can soothe the skin after sun exposure. The decoctions based on these herbs , which can also be dissolved in a lukewarm bath, are a real cure-all. The recipe, valid for chamomile and mallow, is very simple.

Just pour one or two punches of chamomile or mallow in a liter of boiling water. Let it boil for a few minutes, strain and pour into the bath water.

It should be remembered, however, that all preparations must be stored in cool places, and must be consumed within a few days . Furthermore, all liquids must be shaken well before applying them. In fact, since they are natural completions, and there are no emulsifiers , they may be not homogeneous or not very stable over time.

Create oil and sunscreen at home

As we said, it is possible to create many packs and sunscreens with the food we have at home. Let’s see the recipes for oil and sunscreen . In order to create a solar oil, you will need:

– 10 g of jojoba oil
– 30 g of avocado oil
– 30 g of sesame oil or rice bran
– 20 g of extra virgin olive oil

Mix the four oils thoroughly until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. The solar oil obtained will be pleasant and eudermic, thanks also to the large presence of unsaponifiables and the filtering capacity of the food.

Basil essential oil
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Avoid adding perfumes that could make the compound photosensitizing, thus canceling the protective qualities of the compound . If instead you want to create a cream for your sun protection you will have to recover:

– 50 g of shea butter
– 50 g of rice bran oil (or soybean oil)

Soften the shea butter in a water bath and add it to the rice bran oil, an excellent natural sunscreen. When you get a homogeneous solution you can safely use it, remembering to keep it in a cool place .

After sun and natural gel for protection

You can also easily create after-sun and natural gal dedicated for sun protection and to relieve redness or irritation . They will serve:

– 50 g of shea butter
– 50 g of acacia honey
– 1 capsule (or vial) of vitamin E

To obtain a good after-sun cream, soften the shea butter in a bain-marie, just enough to mix honey and vitamin E. If instead you prefer the gel we offer you this simple variant, just:

– 100 g of licorice root
– 350 g of ethyl alcohol (at 90 degrees)
– 150 g of glycerin
– 10 g of rice starch or oatmeal

Prepare an alcoholic liquorice macerate, finely chop and pound the root. Pour the proceeds into a glass jar containing ethyl alcohol. Leave to macerate for two weeks, strain and add half a liter of water .

Remember to shake vigorously and to keep it remember to choose a cool place, for a maximum of one month. To prepare the gel, it is sufficient to dilute it little by little in glycerin , avoiding the formation of lumps, rice starch or oat flour.

Heat the mixture very slowly and let it boil on low heat for 15 minutes, stirring constantly. The result will be a thick jelly . To make it smoother, add the alcoholic liquorice macerate, about 50 g. The gel can be kept for several days, kept in an airtight container and in a cool place.

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