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How to cure cystitis naturally?


Cystitis is a very common ailment and it is possible to treat it naturally: here’s how to do it with grapefruit seeds.

Do you experience burning in the urinary tract and do you have to run to the bathroom too often? It could be cystitis, a very common inflammatory disorder that mainly affects women. There are several methods to treat cystitis naturally , one of these are grapefruit seeds. Let’s find out how to use it to get rid of this annoying inflammation.

Cystitis: what is it?

Before you find out how to take advantage of the properties of grapefruit seeds to get rid of cystitis, you need to take a moment to better understand what you mean when you use that term.

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The word cystitis indicates a urinary tract disorder caused by an infection , which can affect individuals of both sexes but which is usually more frequent in women.

The causes that could lead to the development of this disorder are manifold. However, in most cases, infections called cystitis are caused by bacteria that populate the terminal part of the intestine, in particular by an alteration of their flora. The latter could be caused by poor attention or hygiene of the genital area, poor nutrition or unprotected sexual intercourse.

How to spot cystitis? If you experience burning in the final parts of the urinary tract or if you feel the need to urinate very often, you may suffer from this disorder. Also, be careful if you have lower abdominal pain or if you see blood in your urine. So go to a doctor to get a certain diagnosis.

Treat cystitis with grapefruit seeds

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A study conducted in Florida in 1980 reveals that it is possible to fight cystitis with grapefruit seeds. Indeed, it seems that the seeds of this citrus are capable of releasing effective antibiotic properties . The latter would be very useful in the case of infections caused by bacteria, fungi and parasites.

The extract of these seeds, obtained through a complicated process, can be purchased on the market at relatively low prices (50ml are found at around twenty euros) and can be used as a natural antibiotic . Experts advise taking 3 to 15 drops, which will be mixed carefully in a glass of water, 2 or 3 times a day depending on the case and the person who uses it.

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