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How to cure stingray: the most effective symptoms, causes and remedies


The stingray is a disorder that affects the eyelids and that can have several causes. Let’s see what they are and how to cure it with natural remedies.

Eye stinging is a problem that can become very annoying. It is a small painful lump, which can appear inside or outside the eyelid of the eye, which often appears red and can even lead to tears. Usually it tends to heal on its own over time, but the symptoms can be really unbearable . Let’s see, therefore, how to cure stingray with some natural remedies.

Hordeolum: the causes

Before finding out how to cure stingray, it is good to know what the main triggers can be. The most common is a bacterial infection , almost always due to staphylococcus. The infection can be due to poor hygiene, but also to a weakening of the immune system. Sometimes, stingray can be the result of incorrect conjunctivitis . In rarer cases, it is due to hormonal imbalances.


Is stingray contagious? The answer is yes: the infection is often due to ourselves, but the fact that this small pimple of the eye can infect others also remains. Among the biggest dangers are towels and sheets !

The cure of the orzaiolo: the natural remedies

Usually the orzaiolo heals on its own in 3/4 days, but there are more serious cases in which it continues for several days, and still others in which it disappears and returns to different points of the eye.

So if you want to speed healing, here is some remedy that will do for you!

An excellent natural remedy for orzaiol is chamomile , which has soothing properties. Warm compresses with chamomile infusion, repeated several times a day, help reduce swelling, itching and redness. The same can be done with green tea, a powerful natural antibiotic, or with simple hot (not boiling) water.

A very effective remedy for grandmother with orzaiolo is olive oil. Pour a little onto a sterile gauze or a cotton ball and apply it on the eye , keeping it in place for a few minutes. In fact, our grandmothers used an olive leaf to apply the oil to the eye, so if you can, try this ancient method .

Finally, to accelerate healing, you can try using an infusion of turmeric , a spice with anti-inflammatory properties. To prepare it, boil a spoonful of turmeric in a pan of water, then strain the infusion to remove the dust and let it cool.

With the help of a dropper, apply a small amount of infusion to the eye several times a day. The only side effect of turmeric is that it tends to color the eyelid yellow .

Orzaiolo: what not to do

As we have told you, there are things you can do to speed up healing. But there are also others that you absolutely must not do. The first is to crush the pustoline as if it were a pimple, or even to try to pierce it with a needle!

In this way you could only incur the risk of inflaming and further infecting the stye, since the eye is a very delicate part of the body .

Another thing to avoid, then, is to wear contact lenses: until it heals you would be better off wearing glasses.

Finally, what you absolutely must not do is underestimate the disturbance if it becomes frequent! In this case, on the contrary, go to your doctor in order to be able to have an antibacterial ointment able to definitively solve the problem.

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