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How to cut your hair yourself: the tricks to avoid making mistakes

woman combing her hair

Tips and tricks to cut your hair yourself without making mistakes: from the most suitable tools to the best techniques to get a flawless cut.

Those who love to constantly renew their look and enjoy experimenting will surely have wondered at least once how to cut their hair on their own without making mistakes. Well, there are ways. It’s all about betting everything on the right tools , following some important tips that can make a difference. Let’s find out what they are.

The tools for a perfect DIY haircut

To cut or trim your hair yourself, you first need suitable scissors . These do not have to be just any scissors but a pair specially designed for the hair. The type of blade will in fact be suitable for cutting hair without tearing it.

woman combing her hair
woman combing her hair

There are generally at least two types that are always best to have on hand:

The straight blade scissors : ideal for straight cuts and scaling
The scissors with comb : perfect for thinning the hair

It is also important to have a good comb to carefully separate the strands and to take the right amount of hair to cut from time to time. In doing so you will have to try to comb your hair well , in order not to ruin its structure.

The techniques for cutting your hair yourself

Now that we have seen what the indispensable tools are, it is important to understand how to move.

For those who have always wondered how to cut long hair alone, for example, one of the most used techniques is that of pigtails. In fact, it is enough to stop the locks with an elastic at the height you want to obtain (better to keep a few centimeters lower) and make a clean cut. In this way you will be sure not to make mistakes.

Those who do not know how to cut their hair short by themselves, on the other hand, will have to worry about getting it wet and start cutting following the natural shape of the head . Obviously if we are talking about extremely short hair it will also be necessary to have a razor for the shorter areas.

Finally, those who simply want to trim their hair alone, can divide the hair into many locks (always after having wet the tips well). At that point, with the straight scissors you will go to slowly check the various lengths. What matters is to always proceed with caution and without any rush.

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