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How to decorate the house for Christmas? Those who do it in advance are happier, but also a little nostalgic!


People who decorate the house for Christmas much earlier are happier, but at the same time a little nostalgic compared to others. Here are the details!

When the Christmas period approaches, there are those who can’t wait to decorate the house by making the Christmas tree and more. All the people who love it tend to start this business very early, precisely because they feel the Christmas spirit and want to give the rooms the Christmas look as soon as possible. Those who decide to proceed with the decorations already during the month of November, that is a long time before, would be happier , but at the same time melancholy , because for some people the decorations bring back childhood memories, as experts say. Let’s find out more!

Decorating the house for Christmas: the times to do it

Tradition foresees to decorate the tree on December 8 , or the day of the Immaculate Conception, but many enthusiasts do not resist that long and decide to carry on already in November. This also happens because as soon as the Halloween party is over, you already enter the month just before the Christmas one (already thinking about the Christmas greetings phrases to write in the cards)

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Starting to see all the decorations around the city, the desire to do it even at home, with balls, festoons, stars and silver or golden pine cones, is great. According to experts, those who start early are much happier and more carefree , as well as thinking about childhood, than those who don’t.

Psychologist Steve McKeown told Unilad : ” In a world full of stress and anxiety, people love to connect with the things that made them happy and Christmas decorations evoke these strong childhood feelings .”

However, this period, in addition to bringing a sense of happiness to some people, brings nostalgia to others. This happens because Christmas is a celebration linked to memories and with them also the beautiful sensations emerge that make us remember our loved ones who are no longer there.

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