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How to deflate the belly: from nutrition to natural remedies

swollen belly

How to deflate the belly is a rather common problem. Let’s find out what are the most effective remedies between foods to choose and avoid and natural remedies.

More and more people are wondering how to deflate the belly. It is in fact a rather common and often annoying problem. At its base there can be different origins ranging from a wrong way of eating to intestinal problems , intolerances or allergies and important pathologies that can bring this symptom.

The first thing to do in case of a swollen stomach is therefore to contact your doctor . In the absence of specific problems, you can then act on both nutrition and with remedies to deflate the belly.

What to eat to deflate the belly

The first point on which it is important to act when you want to deflate your belly is undoubtedly nutrition.

swollen belly
swollen belly

Excluding particular allergies or intolerances, there are in fact foods that in many people can lead to this problem. To prevent the belly from swelling, it is therefore advisable to avoid the consumption of too much salt, fried foods and alcoholic or gas-rich drinks. In some cases it may be useful to reduce the consumption of legumes and vegetables such as cabbage, citrus fruits and peppers.

Going instead to tummy-flat foods, juices based on pineapple and carrots or cucumbers and carrots can be useful. Bananas, squash , fish and eggs are also beneficial. Of course, it is always very important to consume a lot of fiber, chew thoroughly and slowly, and drink plenty of water .

How to deflate the belly quickly with natural remedies

In addition to choosing the most suitable foods, it can also be useful to try natural remedies. A simple way to answer the dilemma of how to deflate quickly and effortlessly.

Among the simplest to take are fennel and mint tea (both to be drunk preferably without sugar). Ginger is also a real panacea in this sense: perfect both in the form of herbal tea and eaten fresh.

Furthermore, always on medical advice, in some cases probiotics or lactic ferments may prove useful. However, these should be recommended based on your personal situation. If taken incorrectly, in fact, they can make the situation worse.

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