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How to deflate the legs: techniques and remedies that work

Feeling swollen legs

How to deflate the legs? This is a fairly common question. Let’s find out the simplest and most effective answers.

With the arrival of summer, the question is about how to deflate the legs tends to be more and more frequent. This partly depends on the desire to discover them but also because, precisely because of the higher temperatures, swelling becomes a more frequent problem. Fortunately, there are several solutions that can be put in place to avoid this nuisance.

Swollen legs: the rules to follow to alleviate the problem

First of all it is important to remember that in order for the legs to drain in order to avoid water retention it is necessary to follow certain rules. Among these, the most important are:

Feeling swollen legs
Feeling swollen legs

– Drink lots of water
– Avoid packaged and / or salty foods
– Sleeping with a pillow under your legs to improve circulation
– Wear only comfortable heels and shoes

These are just some of the basic rules to consider both for good circulation and to avoid the stagnation of liquids that leads to always having swollen legs. Obviously, this can also be combined with natural remedies that can help fight the problem more effectively.

How to deflate the thighs with natural remedies

Let’s start by saying that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables and antioxidant and draining foods is certainly the first way to obtain optimal results in a short time. This can also be combined with external help:

  • Green tea packs. For less swollen and lighter legs, green tea is an excellent ally. Not only to drink but also to be used in the form of compresses. Just leave it to infuse for a few hours and then dip some gauze pad on the legs. You will immediately feel a pleasant sense of relief and all being able to fully enjoy a draining effect and able to deflate the legs.
  • The dandelion tea. This herbal tea has draining effects that help eliminate stagnation of liquids. It can be prepared in a herbalist’s shop and drunk a couple of times a day (possibly without sugar). In this way you will have a good effect and in a short time you will get more deflated legs.
  • Gotu kola. A stronger remedy (always to be taken after medical advice) is gotu kola which improves both blood and lymphatic circulation and all with a diuretic effect. A solution that is perfectly suited to those who have problems with swollen legs.

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