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How to distinguish Covid from the flu in children? The word to the experts

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One of the biggest fears these days, when having children, is knowing how to distinguish Covid from simple flu. But is it really possible?

Since it arrived, Covid has brought several fears with it. Among these, one of the largest is linked to children and the possibility of recognizing the disease in time, distinguishing it from a common flu. The little ones, in fact, especially with the arrival of the winter season, tend to get sick often. Therefore, being able to understand how to distinguish the symptoms of flu from those of Covid is one of the things that worry parents the most.

Obviously, the only way to have a sure diagnosis is a swab. However, there are important information that can be useful in order not to be more alarmed than necessary and to carry out an initial assessment of the situation by yourself.

Coronavirus or flu? How to tell them apart

As suggested by Professor Gianvincenzo Zuccotti of the Buzzi Hospital in Milan, although many symptoms are attributable to Covid , parents should not be scared for everyone.

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Sometimes to distinguish the Coronavirus from a flu, it is enough to focus on the concatenation of symptoms. For example, a simple fever with a runny nose almost certainly indicates a flu.

On the contrary, it is important to pay more attention if these symptoms are added to problems such as cough or loss of taste and smell. More symptoms could in fact indicate the presence of Covid. Reason for which further investigation is necessary.

Covid in children: symptoms

In summary, then, if the children have only a fever and a sore throat or runny nose, you can be relatively safe. In fact, we are probably facing a normal seasonal cold. However, there are specific symptoms that, if added together, should be investigated more. Among the many, the most important to remember are:

– Fever over 37.5
– Cough
Loss of taste and smell
– Difficulty in breathing
– Gastrointestinal problems
– Diarrhea

If these symptoms occur, especially if added together, the advice is therefore to promptly inform the pediatrician in order to understand how to act and if it is necessary to have the baby swab.

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