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How to do the braids that are so popular in the summer? The steps to follow

girl with pigtails

How to make the braids that are popular every year in summer? The steps to take in order not to make mistakes and be envied by everyone.

When summer arrives, one of the most frequently asked questions concerns how to make braids. It is in fact a hairstyle that goes a lot in the hot months and that many love to show off both at the sea and in everyday life. Making them at home is not impossible but it certainly requires a lot of patience. So let’s find out what are the right moves to make.

How to make African braids: all the steps to take for a good result

Styling your hair in summer is always an important choice because you have to deal with heat, sweat and sunny days.

girl with pigtails
girl with pigtails

Problems that become even more important when you decide to wear the famous braids that are so fashionable for some time. It is, in fact, a hairstyle that can stress the hair and therefore must be performed paying attention to several details. But how exactly are pigtails made?

The first thing to do is wash your hair thoroughly and use a conditioner that makes it soft.
Once this is done and after drying them they will divide into four sections. Each section will then be divided into many locks of the same width. These will be intertwined one by one starting from the root and taking care not to make them too tight. Otherwise, the risk is to stress the hair.

It is a very long job and more suitable for those with strong and thick hair. If you do not have a lot of patience or time, you can always opt to make only a few to be worn perhaps on the side. The result will still be pleasant and fashionable.

African braids: everything you need to know to always keep them looking their best

Now that we understand how to make afro braids it is important to keep in mind some useful information to make them last a long time without ruining the hair. First, the hairstyle should not be kept for more than a month. Otherwise, the risk is to stress the hair too much.

Of course we must be careful not to dissolve them in the shower and not spettinarle overnight. To overcome this last possibility, they can be tied in a soft and low ponytail.
Finally, when they are going to be removed, it will be necessary to act with the same patience as at the beginning. The hair will in fact be stressed , which is why it will need all the care and more precautions possible.

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