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How to drink more water? Tips to make it a healthy habit

Drink water

Drinking more water is a difficult habit to achieve. There are some tricks to get used to it: we wake up someone who can bring you many benefits!

Drinking water is naturally essential for our body: however, each one has become accustomed, over the years, to ingesting a certain amount, sometimes lower than the minimum recommended threshold of 1.5 / 2 liters of water per day . Changing habits is difficult, but there are a few tricks that might come in handy! How to drink more water? We tell you, and also why it is so recommended!

Drink more: how to do it

Tea in the morning and during the day, herbal teas in the evening. If you realize that you are having a hard time drinking, infusions are a truly infallible trick. Choose and experiment with various flavor combinations and start preparing tea or herbal teas during the day taking it as a moment of relaxation dedicated to you. This good practice will easily become a ritual that you will no longer be able to do without. What if you are at work? A nice bottle is the solution.

Drink water
Drink water

Give yourself goals . You do not have to start immediately by drinking 1 extra liter of water a day, your body is used to receiving few liquids and therefore it would be a “trauma” that you will hardly be able to maintain over time. Start setting yourself goals such as drinking 1 extra glass for lunch and 1 for dinner, or finishing that bottle that usually always comes in half.

Over time and gradually increasing the amount of water to drink, you will see that you will be able to reach the recommended daily dose without too much effort.

Use your own water bottles or bottles . At home or at work, prepare your own bottle, which no other family member can use for drinking. During the day, check to finish it all, not at once, but constantly. If you finish it in the evening you can feel satisfied and maybe choose a bigger one for the new day.

Set alarms . When you have a thousand things to do and little time to complete them, the less important actions (in our opinion) are set aside and forgotten. If drinking more is essential for you, set alarms during the day, do not postpone them but listen to them and go get yourself a nice glass of water. (It will also be an excuse to take 2 seconds off).

– Trust the color rule . It’s about educating our brains and making it easier for anyone to drink lots of water. To do this you will have to choose a color, the one you prefer that can strike you and above all you like it. At this point you must associate the action of drinking water with that color. After some practice and patience every time you see the indicated shade you will have the natural instinct to drink water ( without exaggerating ).

Drinking more water: the benefits

Why is drinking a minimum amount of water a day good for you? For a lot of reasons that will perhaps convince you to take a little more.

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– It makes you lose weight : if our body is too dehydrated and tired it makes it harder to metabolize and eliminate fats.

– It raises the immune system : keeping the body hydrated is essential above all to fight colds and seasonal flu. The right hydration improves the functioning of all the mechanisms of the body and, therefore, health benefits in every field.

– Helps digestion : a constant and generous amount of water to the intestine helps its normal metabolism.

– Improves the skin texture : water is essential to regenerate cells and slow down the onset of wrinkles.

Purifies and helps eliminate toxins: this feature is a panacea for the liver and kidneys that can count on the help of water to make filtering waste substances less difficult.

– Eliminates water retention : drinking a lot accustoms our body not to retain excess fluids that it thinks it needs.

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