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If you want to cover your dark circles, just follow some simple tips: try this quick, perfect make-up!

Unfortunately, you might have dark circles under your eyes. They can be clearly visible and, therefore, almost difficult to cover. Even if you use some concealer or other effects to cover them, it can still be useless. This could happen for the simple fact that you applied your make-up in the wrong way. That’s why you should know the right rules and the exact processes to perfectly cover dark circles. Let’s find out how!

How to hide dark circles with make-up

In order to hide this problem, you first need to prepare your face. First, apply the primer, then foundation and finally face powder to fix your make-up. Only after having done this, you can focus on hiding your dark circles.

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You should also know that dark circles can have different colors: blue, purple, green, and yellow. Choose the right concealer to use only after having understood what color yours are. For blue and violet dark circles, it is recommended a peach concealer. In order to counteract the yellow color, however, try a rosé concealer.

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Let’s talk about the procedure to hide the problem. Apply the eye contour cream, which should absolutely not be your face cream, then apply the concealer with a brush following the sign that defines the dark circles. Blend the product with your fingertips. Then, cover it with a veil of  nude concealer in the most homogeneous way possible. In order to fix your make-up, use some transparent face powder. Avoid the pearly effect, because it may highlight your dark circles, rather than cover them!

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/ragazza-ritratto-donna-viso-3637763/

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