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How to enhance your brown eyes with makeup

How to enhance your brown eyes with makeup

Here all the secrets to enhance the brown of your eyes with some makeup advice!

If you have brown eyes, ou are very lucky. Enhancing this color with makeup is very easy, because all shades are perfect!

In order to enhance your eye color, you should choose an intense eyeshadow or use a pencil… Let’s find out more!

How to enhance brown eyes

As we mentioned, with this color you can choose all the eyeshadows you want. Let’s start from the basic makeup. If you want to enhance your eyes, choose a pencil, possibly brown.

In order to make your gaze more intriguing, apply a primer on your eyelashes, then the mascara. You could already be ready. You eyes are enhanced even without using an eyeshadow.

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Instead, if you’d like a more complex makeup, you can use a colored eyeshadow or a glitter pencil. Choose dark colors, so you will look more sexy and womanly.

he sexier and more beautiful look you can show off, maybe at a party, is a black and golden mix. Choose a glitter glden eyeshadow, a black pencil and mascara. Fade everything on the eyelid and use a glitter pencil in the inner corner of your eye. Highlight your eyes with a black line above and under the eyelid.

Alternatively, you can also use the following colors: electric blue, grey, ultra violet and green. For a sexy and intense look, avoid pastel colors. The secret to enhance brown eyes is using mascara! Just a touch of it can intensify your gaze.

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