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How to fight low blood pressure with the right diet

How to fight low blood pressure with the right diet

If you often feel tired, you might suffer from low blood pressure. The right diet can be helpful: here’s a list of food to increase it!

Fatigue, sudden dizziness and the feeling you’re going to faint are typical symptoms of hypotension. This is the medical term to indicate low blood pressure. It happens when the maximum value goes below 90mmHG and the minimum value below 60mmHg.

In these moments, our body naturally limits the energies to vital processes, cutting the supply to all the other “superfluos” functions. Here some tricks to increase your blood pressure rate through the right diet.

Low blood pressure, what to do?

The most immediate method to fight this sudden problem is drinking a glass of water and sugar. It works if hypotension is caused by a low blood sugar level. In this case, you will feel better after a few minutes. If you suffer from this kind of problem, always bring with you a sugar bag.

Instead, if the heat is the cause of your low blood pressure, try and find a cool place and drink a lot of water. You should drink at least 3 liters of water per day: staying hydrated will help you avoiding sudden pressure unbalances.

Low blood pressure: what to eat?

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Let’s talk about the diet to follow in case you suffer from this problem. First of all, you should start eating foods that help you increasing your rate. Above all of them, the best ones are fruits and vegetables: having the right intake of vitamins and mineral salts is the first step to solve the problem.

Apricots, walnuts, citrus fruits, bananas, raisin, toamtoes, zucchini and broccoli are the best foods to fight hypotension. Of course, remember to eat them in moderation, in order to avoid the opposite problem. Ginger also has the same function: try and add this spice to your recipes!

Salt is fundamental in the diet of a person suffering from low blood pressure. Its content of sodium helps fighting the effects of hypotension. However, if you overdo with it, it negatively affects all the body, therefore the best thing to do is to use it with great moderation. Finally, coffee and all those foods containing caffeine temporarily increase the pressure.

Foods to avoid

You do not need to give up on some food to solve hypotension, you just need to take some precautions. It is important to eat lightly, because a heavy digestion recalls a lot of blood to the stomach, thus lowering the pressure.

Therefore, it is better to avoid foods rich in fats. Moreover, pay attention to the amount of alcohol you drink: it has a vasodilator effect, that promotes hypotension.

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