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How to fight the flu and cold with over-the-counter medications

woman with flu

Autumn brings with it the first colds and the first ailments of the season.

Freezing temperatures and sudden changes in temperature can play tricks on us, such as causing a flu or a simpler (albeit annoying) cold .

Once we have the flu we will have to be patient … the symptoms will keep us company for a few days debilitating us and forcing us to stay at home. However, these symptoms can be treated to speed up their recovery: there are many useful drugs and products on the market.

But which ones to use? Here are some tips for you!

woman with flu

What is Zerinol used for?

A piece of advice we can give you in case of fever and flu is to choose the over-the-counter drugs Zerinol , effective precisely in the treatment of colds, flu and febrile states.

How does Zerinol work against the flu?

Zerinol is therefore useful for quickly counteracting the symptoms of fever, flu and cold. Its principle is paracetamol which with its analgesic action is able to relieve pain and the antipyretic one manages to lower fever. In addition , paracetamol is rapidly absorbed and reaches peak plasma levels in 30-120 minutes , being rapidly distributed into the tissues.

Furthermore, Zerinol, in addition to the action of paracetamol, combines that of chlorphenamine , one of the most used antihistamines and able to relieve nasal congestion and symptoms associated with upper respiratory tract infections.

On the other hand, chlorphenamine is absorbed more slowly and the peak plasma level is reached between 2 and 6 hours after oral administration.

Zerinol is not indicated to treat cough and cannot be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding .

When to take Zerinol

In adults, the recommended dosage of Zerinol is 1 tablet 2 times a day . The tablets are to be taken with water and always on a full stomach, after meals. If after 3 days of taking the symptoms do not improve and if the fever persists, consult your doctor. In any case, do not take Zerinol for more than 3 consecutive days without consulting your doctor.

What to eat during the flu

After you’ve seen which over-the-counter medicine to take for the flu, here are some practical tips. Nutrition is a precious ally when we are struggling with the flu and should not be underestimated. First of all, when we are sick we lose a lot of fluids through sweating, so replenishing them is really essential. We recommend drinking plenty of water , at regular intervals and to which we can also add green tea, rich in antioxidants. Then the classic orange juice, or even a fruit smoothie, sources of vitamins, play an important role in our defense.

And what else should we eat?

If we are facing several days of flu, we will also feel very tired and with little strength. We need to restore energy to our entire body through the intake of proteins that are easy to digest so as not to weigh us down. And therefore we prefer foods such as white meat , chicken and turkey, cooked on the plate; fish , especially salmon, rich in Omega-3 which promote cardiovascular health , reduce inflammation and improve the cognitive function of the brain.

It will also be necessary to strengthen the immune defenses, therefore great space for B vitamins such as spinach, bananas, lentils and cereals.

In case of cough, honey always proves to be a cure-all by easing the irritation of the throat.

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