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How to follow a vegan diet to lose weight correctly

vegan dish

Vegan diet for weight loss: let’s find out how to follow it step by step to lose weight while staying healthy.

More and more people are choosing to approach the vegan diet to lose weight, then evaluating whether or not it is a lifestyle suitable for them. In order for the diet to work, however, it is important to set it right from the start. Let’s find out what are the most important rules to follow.

Vegan diet to lose weight: how it works and what are the benefits

When starting a vegan weight loss diet, the first thing to do is to understand which foods you can eat and which ones are to be excluded.

vegan dish
vegan dish

It is in fact a diet that does not include meat and fish but not even derivatives. Therefore, eggs and dairy products must also be eliminated. So what do you eat? The diet is more varied than you think and includes cereals (preferably wholemeal), legumes, soy and its derivatives, vegetables, fruit, oilseeds and gluten derivatives which, for the uninitiated, are high protein.

If properly set up, therefore, it is a diet that helps you eat well and in a greedy way, that satisfies you and that can help you lose weight. And this is due to the lower calorie density and the lack of saturated fats which are instead replaced by good ones such as, for example, avocado or dried fruit fats.

How to set up a vegan diet: the typical menu to follow

Let’s now try to get a better idea of the vegan diet for weight loss, based on a sort of daily menu.

  • For breakfast, you can eat sugar-free soy yogurt with vegan cookies. Alternatively, you can opt for wholemeal bread to eat with peanut or sesame cream and to combine with coffee or green tea.
  • At lunch you can eat rice or wholemeal pasta to be seasoned with vegetables of your choice and with tofu or, alternatively, with a few tablespoons of legumes.
  • At dinner, however, you can opt for a vegetable burger, tofu or a chickpea hummus to be enjoyed with wholemeal bread.
  • The main meals can obviously be combined with fruits while snacks can be based on soy yogurt or dried fruit.

A diet that is less difficult than one might think, but which at least for the first time should be structured together with a nutritionist . In this way you will have the certainty of being able to enjoy a food plan that helps you lose weight without leading to wasting or a lack of important nutrients. This can be avoided by simply combining the foods in the correct way.

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