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How to get fit on Easter with just 3 days of diet!

Diet before Easter

It is important to follow a diet before Easter, to avoid that binges do not weigh too much on us. Here’s how to keep the line!

In the early spring we will eat chocolate eggs , delicious Easter doves and whoever has more. For this reason it is important to follow a diet before Easter, in order to keep the line and give us some snacks during the holidays.

This diet allows us to get to the party in shape and to lose those pounds that we have accumulated during the winter. It is a useful food style to follow, also in anticipation of the arrival of summer. Let’s find out better how it works and what to eat.

Diet before Easter: menu and what to eat!

To stay in shape during the spring it is necessary to do a weight loss diet before Easter. It is important to follow a balanced diet , rich in seasonal vegetables and fruits, which also promote detoxification . We also advise you not to buy all the sweets of the period found in stores. In addition, you need to drink plenty of water, herbal teas and centrifuges , which help stimulate diuresis.

Diet before Easter
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How does the diet work? It is a detox route , which lasts at least three days, and is somewhat restrictive. The first day for breakfast we eat a yogurt and a kiwi, with a sugar-free tea. For lunch a boiled egg with vegetables and for dinner a vegetable soup .

The second day starts with a fruit breakfast, a salad for lunch and a steamed fish dinner with vegetables. On the third day breakfast is the same as the first, for lunch you eat salad and prawns and for dinner ricotta and vegetables . Two snacks per day based on dried, fresh or centrifuged fruit are allowed. In this way you will arrive at the parties in perfect shape!

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