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How to get rid of catarrh with natural treatments

How to get rid of catarrh with natural treatments

How to get rid of catarrh with grandma’s natural remedies: clear your respiratory tracts with inhalations, herbal teas and garglings.

Catarrh is almost inevitable in case of flu, colds and productive cough. Grandmothers have always handed down super effective remedies, which can alleviate inflammations and clear the respiratory tract. Obviously, if you have  bronchitis, pneumonia or influenza you must see your doctor.

These traditional remedies are natural supplements. You can take them together with your therapy or just for relief or prevention. The secret ingredients of these treatmnets are lemon, an excellent disinfectant, and ginger, a powerful anti-inflammatory. Let’s find out more about which foods help to relieve catarrh.

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How to fight catarrh with inhalations

Inhalations are very powerful against catarrh. You can do them twice a day for about 15 minutes to immediately feel better. They help not only to relieve catarrh, but also to sooth sore throat and to cleans your nose. Boil a litre of water and pour it in a basin, then add baking soda. For a stronger effect, add eucalyptus or lemon essential oils to the boiling water.

Then, sit on a chair and lean over the basin. Cover your head with a towel and start breathing deeply for about 5 minutes. Repeat several times per day.

Ginger and lemon herbal teas

Ginger is perfect to eliminate catarrh and fight inflammation. To better enjoy its benefits, prepare a herbal tea. Boil water and then add pieces of ginger, lemon rind, and fresh sage. These three ingredients together will heal your throat and make catarrh slowly disappear.

You can also add lemon juice to this herbal tea, which has disinfectant and anti-inflammatory power. Your throat will immediately feel a pleasant sensation of relief and you will breathe better.

Other powerful and natural remedies against catarrh

Gargling with lemon or apple cider vinegar is a super effective remedy to disinfect and dissolve catarrh. Mix half a lemon juice with half a glass of water. Alternatively, you can add a part of vinegar to three parts of water.

For a ready to use remedy, prepare a DIY syrup with ginger, honey and lemon. You can store it and drink it whenever you need. Mix 20 grams of fresh ginger with the juice of three lemons and half a litre of water. Boil the 3 ingredients together until creamy and store in the refrigerator.

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