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Are there spiders in your house? Here’s how to get rid of them using natural products such as peppermint, citrus fruits and vinegar.

House spiders are very common, especially if you live in the countryside or next to gardens. These little insects can live everywhere, and getting rid of them can be very difficult, in particular when temperatures start to rise: we see them in each corner of the house!

You can get rid of these spiders without hurting them with natural products that will only bother them. In this way, they will go away and will find another place to stay. Plants such as peppermint or eucalyptus are amazing to keep spiders away from our houses, just like vinegar and other methods. Let’s see together which ones they are and how to use them for immediate and long-lasting results!

House spiders: how to get rid of them with plants

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A super efficient method to keep these insect away is peppermint. For human beings, it has a nice scent, but it is not the same for the eight-legged animals. The intense scent of this plant is particularly nasty for spiders, which therefore stay away.

The best all-year-long solution is to place in each room of your house a small jar with water an 10 drops of peppermint essential oil. Instead, in spring and summer you can keep the plant at home.

Another thing spiders hate is eucalyptus. How to use it? For a quick remedy, you can use its essential oils. Instead, if you have a garden, you can plant a eucalyptus tree.

Other natural remedies against spiders

Spiders cannot stand orange and lemon peels, which instead leave a nice scent in our houses. Rub the peels on your windowsills, or make a potpourri with these fruits. You can also try with white vinegar. Mix it with water and pour it in a spray container. Spray this solution in the corner of your house where you have seen spiders.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/photos/ragno-araneus-ragno-volante-3658386/

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