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How to get rid of pantry moths with natural methods

How to get rid of pantry moths with natural methods

Get rid of pantry moths and avoid their return with natural products.

Pantry moths are annoying creatures that live in our kitchens. They are attracted by products such as flour, pasta or rice. If you do not eliminate as soon as you find them out, you could find little webs among your food. This means the moths laid their eggs and larvas were born.

In order to avoid this problem, you can use some natural methods. Instead, if you already have noticed pantry moths in your house, you just need to eliminate them for good.

Pantry moths: 3 quick remedies

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-The first thing to do if you’ve noticed there are bugs is to throw away all the food. Do not try to spare some of the food you think is not contaminated, because larvas can hide everywhere.

Deeply clean everything. Use a mix of hot water and vinegar or baking soda to disinfect the area where you found moths and webs. Make sure you have removed all food residues.

-Finally, dry off all the surfaces where you keep food. Wet enviroments are the ideal places for these bugs to live.

Natural remedies to prevent pantry moths

Mint, lavender or tea tree essential oils are ideal to prevent these bugs. Their scent bothers the bugs, becoming a natural repellent. Dunk a cotton ball in one of these oils and put it in a corner of your pantry.

Bay leaves are also very efficient. Put some of them among your packs of pasta, rice and flour. You can also put them directly in the opened packages. Its scent will keep pantry moths away.

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