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How to get your voice back fast: all the most effective remedies!

Sore throat

In case of aphonia or lowering of the voice, it is possible to resort to some effective natural remedies. Here are helpful tips on how to get your voice back quickly.

Voice alterations, or dysphonies , can be quite annoying, especially if you are faced with a persistent hoarseness or a total lack of voice, called aphonia. In these cases, especially if it is a situation caused by cold, smoking or bad habits, we can get some rest and effective natural remedies . But which ones? Here’s how to get your voice back with quick and handy methods.

Lowering of the voice: quick fixes to take

The first remedy to use to counter a sudden lowering of the voice is to moisturize the throat. Gargling with water and salt or sodium bicarbonate can help us to gradually recover our voice, freeing the oropharyngeal cavity from the possible presence of phlegm

Sore throat
Sore throat

The fumigations are also an easy and effective method, especially where dysphonia is linked to colds. In these cases, it is better to add a few drops of essential oil with decongestant power to hot water, such as eucalyptus essential oil, whose balsamic action will act on the well-being of the respiratory tract, calming cough and phlegm and helping to make the voice return. faster.

How to recover your voice with grandma’s remedies

The teachings of the grandmothers are always useful in case of physical ailments. Also in this case we can use natural ingredients, taken directly from our pantries.

– A teaspoon of honey , even better if combined with the juice of half a lemon, can help us to lighten the throat quickly. This miraculous mix uses the disinfectant power of lemon and the emollient power of honey, to accelerate the healing process from aphonia and restore the normal tone of the voice.

– Even chewing a licorice stick is one of the most popular grandmother’s remedies, thanks to the anti-inflammatory virtues enjoyed by this ingredient.

– Another tradition approved mixture is to drink a cup of warm milk with a generous amount of honey, preferably in the evening, before going to bed.

Propolis : to bring back the voice is a real cure-all. Propolis has antibacterial properties and acts as a natural antiseptic able to soothe inflammation of the oropharyngeal cavity. It can be taken in the form of syrup, candy , drops or spray. It is often associated with herbal extracts for a more effective and targeted action or with honey, whose emollient properties we have already praised.

The disinfectant action of propolis combined with the softening and soothing action of honey is able to gently extinguish and soothe inflammation and irritation of the oral cavity, helping to make the voice return faster.


Medicinal herbs to lighten the throat. Among the most effective herbs against hoarseness and dysphonia there is erysimium , not for nothing, also called “singers’ grass”.

The soothing and emollient action that it carries out on the walls of the oropharyngeal mucosa helps to effectively free it from cough and phlegm, favoring a faster recovery of the voice.

Mallow and calendula are also very useful for this purpose, thanks above all to their anti-inflammatory power.

Good habits and methods

In addition to these natural remedies, there are also useful tips and good habits to adopt to prevent lowering of the voice and cure aphonia.

– Avoid straining in an attempt to recover your voice, sing or shout. Best to let it rest to facilitate the healing process.

Hydrate yourself sufficiently throughout the day, drinking plenty of water and avoiding fizzy or carbonated liquids.

Humidify dry environments and avoid staying indoors for too long.

– Protect yourself from the cold and blows of air and do not abuse the air conditioning.

– Avoid smoking and consuming excessively hot , cold, acidic or spicy foods.

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