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How to have a glow up: everything you need to know


How to have a glow up in a short time and in the correct way: what it means and what are the rules to follow to obtain the desired result.

Lately we often hear about how to have a glow up in 2 weeks or in a defined number of days. A relatively new term that indicates an improvement in one’s aesthetic appearance (but not only) that corresponds to a sort of upgrade and is therefore positive. It is generally used to indicate a person who appears to have changed for the better in various respects as someone who, thanks to a change of look, appears more aesthetically attractive and at the same time more confident.

How to have a glow up in a month

Among the most present research when it comes to improvements is that on how to have a glow up in 30 days.

A period of time short enough to be a goal and at the same time enough to start noticing particular changes. Whether it’s how to have a glow up for girls or boys, the aspects to consider are quite personal.


The aim is in fact to feel better about yourself and to make changes that can actually be perceived as an upgrade . You can therefore start with a healthier diet aimed at improving both the appearance of the skin and the body and you can continue taking care of the face and hair , obviously passing through a restyling also from the point of view of the look. In a month, the first results should already be evident enough to be considered a real improvement.

When the glow up is not only external

The most important aspect of positive change is that inner improvement is often included in the improvement. By changing your appearance you feel more motivated and self-confident and this also gradually leads to a change in attitude, showing a certainly better version of yourself.

This is an aspect that lately has also involved more and more guys who have begun to wonder how having a glow up for men can improve their lives.

A real phenomenon that is depopulating on social networks and that can be said to have evolved during the lockdown period when the long time spent at home has prompted many people to take time for themselves and to wonder precisely how to have a glow up in quarantine despite the various logistical problems such as the absence of the hairdresser or the closure of gyms.

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