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How to always have perfect straight hair: beauty and wellness secrets for shiny and healthy hair, in every moment of your day.

Everyone wants to have shiny and spaghetti-like hair. People with fine hair know that the main risk is for it to become shapeless. However, those with curly hair knows that if ot taken care of, it can become messy and frizzy.

With some simple techniques and advice you can have a perfect hairstyle too! Here how to have perfectly straight hair!

How to take care of natural straight hair

Straight hair, especially if fine, needs a lot of attention and care. Finding the right products it’s not easy nor cheap. Moreover, often shampoos and conditioners make our hair too heavy.

The most important thing is to nourish it properly from the roots. There are some products wich can strengthen and thicken the bulb, and you can easily use them at home! You can apply them two or three times a week and the results will be immediately visible!

After a day on the seaside or because of smog, it is necessary to boost your hair energies. Use repairing products twice a week, then repeat once a week costantly. In this way your hair will be nourished from roots to ends.

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For what concerns shampoos, avoid those which make your hair heavy and choose specific products for perfectly straight hair. It is necessary just one washing, then apply conditioner, especially on the back of your head. Do not apply the latter product on your roots, or your hair will get dirty very quickly. Then, dab it with a towel, without rubbing, in order to avoid breaking it.

When your hair is still wet, use a heat protection spray. In this way, you will protect it from high temperatures. However, it is always better to dry your hair with a low temperature hair dryer, keeping it not too close to your head, or you will burn your hair and damage its color.

How to have straight hair with the flat iron

If you have wavy hair but you want it straight, fine and shiny, you can use a flat iron. However, you need to remember some tricks not everyone knows.

When your hair is still wet, apply a heat protection spray. Before turning the flat iron on, your hair must be completely dry. Once done, comb it and turn on your beauty tool at 180°. Do not increase the temperature, or you will ruin your scalp.

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How to obtain straight hair without the flat iron

If you don’t want to use the flat iron, you can resort to other methods to have straight hair in a few minutes. After having washed it, rinse with cold water and do not rub nor dub it with a towel. Use the hair dryer to remove excess water.

At this point, untangle your hair with a brush and divide it into four locks (two on the sides, one behind and one on your forehead). Dry them with the hair dryer and the brush, performing slow and repetitive movements, until it is smooth and straight.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/photos/capelli%20lisci/, https://pixabay.com/it/bellezza-bruna-carino-attrezzature-15932/

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