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White nails: here’s how to have them to begin showing them off!

White nails

Sometimes we use nail varnishes or expensive gels to cover something that we don’t like to see. But having natural white nails is possible, if you discover how!

Sometimes we don’t like seeing our natural hands at all. Fingernails can stain or tend to have a yellowish colour that needs to be covered by nail varnish or gels. Knowing what to do to keep them healthy is fundamental to beginning to see them treated, bright, and to finally show them off. Having natural white nails is possible. You only need to know how to take care of them.

White nails

How to get mill white nails

Opaque, yellow, or stained nails… these are only some of the main reasons leading us to resort to expensive manicures. Covering the problem with nail varnish or gel isn’t really ideal for the nail’s health.
Let’s discover tips and tricks to show off our natural beauty, including on our hands, which men like so much!

Here are the tricks to having ever whiter nails that you won’t want to cover:
Using a cuticle oil every night. This is essential to correctly nourish the base of our nails and to give the right luminosity and sparkle.
Remember to always use protective gloves! Unfortunately chemical products and detergents are the main cause of nails being weakened as well as dryness and stains. For this reason, it’s important to always remember to use gloves, and not only for cooking.
Eat healthily and take vitamins. Here’s another trick at the heart of having ever whiter and stronger nails. By correctly nourishing our body and taking daily vitamins, wellbeing will spread through the whole body and will also reach our hands!
If needed, file the upper part. If we want to show off beautiful, cared, natural hands, it’s important to know how to look after them. To do this, filing our nails will be the foundation, but not the only thing. In the case of a dull or damaged surface, it’s also possible to file the upper part. Without going too far, this gesture will eliminate the damaged layer of the nail which will go back to shining in all it’s rose-white contrast!

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