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How to hide regrowth after nail reconstruction

nail regrowth

Learning to hide nail regrowth is a practical way to prolong the effect without too much trouble. Here are some tricks to do it flawlessly.

Those who love to show off healthy and beautiful nails know well how often it is very useful to resort to nail reconstruction. This procedure, however, has a negative aspect which is that of regrowth. In fact, with the passage of time, the natural nail begins to show itself and this leads to a decidedly unsightly effect. However, there are simple and effective ways to hide the regrowth and show off nails and show off a flawless manicure for longer. Here they are below.

Refill with nail polish against nail regrowth

This technique involves the application of a glaze color similar to that previously used but a little ‘darker at the base. In this way it will be possible to make the detachment noticeable as little as possible.

file manicure
file manicure

To ensure that the result is perfect, the polish should be applied every two or three days in order to create a thickness similar to that given by the reconstructed nail. At first it may seem a bit complex, worthy of the best beauticians, but, after a little practice, it will be child’s play.

Alternative tricks to camouflage nail regrowth

Then there are at least two other effective remedies to hide the regrowth of the nails without too much difficulty and with a pinch of imagination. Let’s see them in detail:

– Application of rhinestones . In this case, just fill the area of ​​the detachment with rhinestones, some of which will also be added on the reconstructed part. This operation will distract attention from the detachment, while giving a pleasant and super glam effect.

– Cover the area with a contrasting color . In this case we will instead play with contrasts to obtain a different but certainly pleasant effect. Again, the trick is to apply enough color to simulate the thickness of the nail.

Obviously there are also other techniques that vary from the type of reconstruction that has been carried out. These, in fact, can only be based on permanent enamel , gel or acrylic. In case of doubts and if you are not practical, it is preferable to contact the beautician who carried out the work. In this way you will be sure of the result and all without damaging the nails.

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