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How to keep your silhouette during Christmas holidays: 3 advice

How to keep your silhouette during Christmas holidays: 3 advices

Christmas holidays will not scare us: here’s how to overcome them and keep a perfect silhouette!

For some people, Christmas holidays means food excesses, while others just can not let themselves go. However, wise people know that the right way is to balance. Dedicate time to yourself, find the perfect sports and relaxing is also very useful for the line. People who eat too much, in fact, sometimes do that because of their emotions. Let’s see 3 simple tips to never let your scale scare you anymore!

How to stay in shape during the holidays?

1. Keep exercising.

During the holidays, spend time for yourself. If you are not a sporty person, use your free time to find an activity you like and that you can continue once you return to your every day life. Try a new yoga class, go running in the park or try with home fitness.

The biggest mistake is to abandon altogether every kind of exercise: starting again after the holidays will be more difficult and you will not burn all the extra calories you gained during the Christmas holidays!

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If you’re not in the mood, at least spend 20 minutes every morning doing gentle exercises or pilates. You will wake up and start your day better.

2. Give in to the temptations in a smart way.

You can eat mulled wine, eggnog, and Christmas sweets only in this period of the year: you do not have to give them up. If in the evening you treat yourself to a nice slice of cake, remember that the day after you will have a lighter lunch or you need to have a walk.

In order not to lose your motivation, allow yourself some free meals, but do not let guilt overwhelm you! You  stopped your diet, but all is not lost: just do not lie on your sofa eating ice cream!

3. Relax for real.

Many times, during stressful period at work or school, we eat more to overcome them. Take the holidays as a way to completely relax: forget your work e-mails and simply go with that hobby you never have time for.

You will go back to work more energetic than before, full of ideas and you will perform better, even at work!

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