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How to lighten hair with chamomile for a more than natural effect

Compress with chamomile

Find out how to lighten hair with chamomile quickly and easily. The result will be pleasant and natural.

Lightening your hair with chamomile is a very old custom that is usually handed down by grandmothers . It is in fact a method to give the hair natural reflections and all without damaging it. So let’s find out how to lighten your hair with chamomile in the simplest way possible and always taking care of your hair .

Lighter and more beautiful hair with chamomile: the rules to follow

That chamomile on your hair helps lighten it is something everyone knows. What is often missing is information on how to apply this knowledge to achieve a good result.

Compress with chamomile
Compress with chamomile

To make an infusion to be applied on the hair in order to lighten it, for example, the common sachets that are found in supermarkets are not enough. In fact, the secret lies in obtaining a concentrated liquid and therefore to be made starting from dried flowers that are normally found in herbal medicine. Once this is done, just make the infusion and apply it on the hair after the shampoo. In addition to the lightening effect, benefits such as:

– Less dandruff.
– Faster hair regrowth.
– Protection from the sun’s rays.
– Thicker hair .
– Greater brilliance of the hair.

Additional effects that do not hurt and that will make the hair even more beautiful.

Chamomile wraps for hair: how to choose the right one

Assuming that chamomile lightens the hair in any case, it is good to know that its effect tends to change based on any ingredients with which you decide to associate it.
A normal pack based only on chamomile flowers is already more than enough but you can always opt for some variations. Among the most common are:

– Chamomile and lemon flower pack, to enhance the lightening effect.
– Pack with chamomile flowers and honey to give warmer reflections and make the hair softer.

Regardless of the type of pack chosen, to obtain good results, everything should be repeated at least twice a week for about ten days. All taking care of your hair through the use of products with good ingredients and never aggressive to lighten the hair naturally .

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