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How to lose weight without a diet: 5 tricks to put into practice

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Getting back in shape after the summer holidays is possible. To do this, just follow some simple strategies: here are what they are.

When you come back from summer holidays you almost always find yourself with a few extra pounds. Between dinners out, ice creams and low physical activity, gaining weight is actually quite simple. Thus, returning to everyday life we ​​find ourselves having to deal with even a heavier body . The good news is that you don’t need to go hungry or go on a diet to get back informed. In fact, it is enough to follow five simple strategies to return to your ideal weight and all without too many sacrifices.

Getting back in shape after the summer: the rules to follow

To get back on your feet and lose the pounds you’ve accumulated over the summer, it usually doesn’t take a lot of effort. In fact, by returning to a normal lifestyle , many of the extras that led to weight gain will fade on their own.

woman with salad
woman with salad

Combining this with better control of your habits will do the rest, helping us get back in shape in no time. So let’s find out the rules to follow:

– Drink a lot. Staying hydrated is the best way to make the body work at its best and to awaken the metabolism. But be careful to choose only water and with a low fixed residue.

– Avoid sugary drinks. The first rule to follow is to avoid sugary drinks and sugars in general. This simple trick helps to cut several calories, allowing the excess pounds to be shed.

– Choose whole-grain carbohydrates. Adding whole grains, vegetables and fruit to your menu can make a difference. The glycemic response, in fact, is more controlled and this helps to lose weight.

– Eat in a balanced way. Choosing to eat whole carbohydrates or from fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and good fats at each meal, helps to keep insulin constant and this facilitates the elimination of excess fats.

– Exercise. Playing sports helps the body to shed the pounds gained in the summer faster. Also, you will feel stronger and more able to resist the many temptations. The possibilities are as many as the perfect outdoor exercises for autumn .

Mistakes not to make to lose weight

Following these simple rules is a good way to lose weight fast. To do this without running the risk of useless stalls it is important, however, to avoid some mistakes that we tend to make all too often.

Skipping meals. The first rule for losing weight properly is to never skip meals. In this way it will not affect the metabolism , allowing the body to burn more easily and not to stall. Which happens when you tend to eat little or, even worse, skip meals.

Skip breakfast. Many think that it is enough to have lunch and dinner to be safe. The most important meal to eat , however, is breakfast , which is essential to wake up the metabolism and to arrive at lunch full and able to choose the right foods.

Doing too much sport. The excesses are always wrong and among these is also the killing of sports. In this way, in fact, the risk is to lose muscle instead of fat. This happens especially if you kill yourself with cardio without properly integrating your diet.

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