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How to make a cat makeup in a simple and effective way

cat makeup

Cat makeup is one of the most popular during the Carnival period. Let’s find out how to do it quickly and what tools are needed.

With the approach of Carnival, one of the most recurring thoughts undoubtedly concerns how to dress to surprise friends.
Among the most popular choices there has always been the black cat make-up, perfect for feeling sexier and playing with your image . However, not everyone knows where to start to get a good result. For this reason, today we will see together how to make a cat carnival makeup that will be perfect.

Cat makeup: what it takes to make it happen

For a cat carnival makeup that works, you need some essential cosmetics which are:

– Foundation
– Face powder
– Eyeliner
– Black pencil
– Mascara
– Lipstick
– False lashes (optional)

Once found, bringing cat makeup to life will be super easy and even fun. What matters is not to overdo the make-up , style your hair in order to make it as much as possible in line with the chosen costume and, of course, wear something that is strictly black. The most perfectionists will be able to equip themselves with a tail and ears to make everything more realistic.

The steps to follow for a perfect result

Now that we have all the tools in hand we can start with the various steps for the kitty makeup.

First, the foundation is applied to make the skin more even. At this point we move on to the eyes which will be the most challenging part. In fact, to look like a real cat you need a feline look. Which can be achieved with the famous cat eye makeup .

Lengthening the eye with eyeliner is in fact the best way to give depth to the look. Which will then be amplified by a good coat of mascara. Obviously, those who prefer can make it even more intense with false eyelashes.

Once the eye area is in place, it’s time to think about the rest of the face and in particular the nose and mustache. The latter will be traced with a precise line of the pencil while for the nose it is preferable to draw it and then color it inside. A touch of powder to fix everything and just look in the mirror for a definitely effective result.

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