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How to make hair dye last longer: 5 tips to follow

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Hair color can also last based on some precautions, as well as the quality of the product: here are the tips to make the color last longer!

Sooner or later, almost everyone has to resort to hair dye: some for pleasure, some to hide white hair, some for a thousand other reasons. We can now find plenty of types of dyes, but the most common still today is the permanent dye. Despite the quality of the product, small precautions should be taken to make the color last longer. Let’s find out immediately what are the tips to follow!

How to keep dyed hair color: 5 invaluable tips

To obtain a homogeneous and, above all, long-lasting color, first of all you should use a quality product. So, be wary of those cheap and, above all, poor quality dyes that could only damage the hair in the long run! But let’s move on to the more practical tips once after coloring your hair

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Avoid aggressive products

In addition to having to pay attention to the type of product that is chosen to make the dye, the products to be used after the treatment are also important. We carefully choose, perhaps under the advice of the hairdresser, a line of quality products for colored hair! Shampoos or masks that are too aggressive, would tend to remove the color earlier than expected …

Don’t wash your hair too much

Dry shampoo
Dry shampoo

With each shampoo, the hair dye tends to drain. That is why we must avoid washing our hair too often and try to resort to methods to keep the hair clean for longer ! If you do not have special needs but do not feel comfortable with less frequent washing, a solution could be to use dry shampoo that erases the grease and is useful for untangling the knots.

No to boiling water

Wash with boiling water
Wash with boiling water

Using hot water is not good for the scalp: to maintain a bright and lasting shade , we try to wash the hair with lukewarm water! During the summer, however, we can try to wash our hair directly with cold water. In fact, cold water preserves the color of the dye better as well as being a cure-all for the whole body.

Avoid chlorine

Chlorine is the enemy of the hair and could be one of the reasons why the color has a short duration. Obviously, in case the pool is impossible to avoid, we try to take care of the hair with the right products both before and after the bath!

Sunscreen for the hair

Dyed hair and sun rays
Dyed hair and sun rays

While we shouldn’t go overboard with styling products, we must never forget to apply the spray or a lotion specially designed to protect the hair from the sun! In this way, we avoid making the color lighten before the necessary time. In fact, the sun tends to fade the color and make the work done by professionals (or do it yourself) on your hair dull . And not only that, with colored hair you risk that the sun “pulls” strange and unwanted pigments out of the color that could ruin the much desired result.

Do not use products that are too oily after dyeing

Using products that are too oily on your hair could also be a wrong choice. The very famous coconut oil and the many other similar lotions, widely used for face and hair care, could in fact be of little use and even harmful to color . The qualities of these oily products do not always penetrate effectively into dyed hair and also may tend to make the color discharge faster.

Sulfate-free shampoo is the way

Wash your hair
Wash your hair

Shampoos, conditioners and other sulfate-based hair products have the characteristic of being very aggressive and could be enemies of the dye . Their aggressiveness most likely tends to drain the color in less time than usual, so we recommend choosing sulfate-free shampoo specifically for colored hair.

Use colored conditioners

Finally, we advise you to use a colored conditioner during washing. Because? Hair glosses contain colored pigments that can certainly help you keep the color and reflections of your hair alive . You don’t have to use it every time you shower (especially for those who have oily hair), just use it once a week to get the desired effect.

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