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Making your perfume last throughout the day is not a mission impossible! Here are the tricks to follow to remember.

A few people do not use perfume, while those who use it on a daily basis definitely have more than one bottle in their beauty case, for every occasion. The only negative factor seems to be its duration. Not all perfumes last on the skin throughout the day. However, there are some tips to follow to make it last longer!

How to make your perfume last longer

-Avoid citrus fragrances. Citrus perfumes tend to last much less compared to the other types of scents. So if we want to make it last longer, it is better to choose another one.

How to make your perfume last all day long: 5 tips to remember
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-Not only perfume. It means that just applying the eau de parfum is not enough. If we want the fragrance to last longer, we also need to use its creams or shower gel. Usually, almost all the brands have gels and lotions of the same line of the perfume. You can also try hair perfume!

-Spray it on warm zones. Surely we are used to spray the perfume on the neck and “blindly” all over the body, but this is wrong. The scent should be applied mostly on warm body areas, in order to let it diffuse more easily. Therefore, spray it on your temples, on the inside of your elbows and on your wrists. Some people also recommend to spray very little of it on yourhair.

-The ideal time is after a shower. In order to maintain the fragrance until the evening, you should spray the perfume when your skin is moist and not dry. Therefore, the ideal time is definitely after a shower!

-Do not rub your wrists. Spraying the perfum on your wrists and rub them one against the other is a great error! The molecules dissipate and the fragrance tends to fade in a very short time…

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/still-life-rose-profumo-1460067/

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