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How to make up blue eyes: the perfect make-up for summer

Blue eyes makeup

Let’s find out together how to make our blue eyes stand out with make-up, and make them up best for the summer with different techniques.

Blue eyes are loved by many and recognized as an index of beauty. To bring out the look and make the eyes more intense and sensual, you need to opt for a right and perfect make-up also for the summer. In fact, especially during the summer it is recommended to leave the face as natural as possible: due to sweat and excessive heat, the make-up may not last long and the face may also be affected.

Obviously, do not forget that the complexion of the skin, lipstick and other factors can influence the choice of make-up that you are going to make on the eyes. Here, then, how to make up blue eyes during the summer!

How to make up blue eyes to make them stand out

Blue eyes makeup
Blue eyes makeup

To highlight the blue eyes you can resort to different techniques, but the story changes if the make up is done during the summer :

-The make-up must be as light as possible to avoid arriving at the end of the day with smudged make-up due to the summer heat.

-As far as the eye shadow question is concerned, it is important to choose one with a warm tone: for example, the pink peach or metallic gold color are perfect for the warmer season. If you want you can also mix both colors and get a shaded make-up with different shades similar to each other. Make-up lovers recommend to those who have the beauty of showing off the sea-colored eyes to opt for a light gray eyeshadow on the crease of the eyelids in order to stand out the look.

-The mascara, better waterproof , can be used both black and electric blue , a great way to give sensuality and charm to the eye and intensify the color of the eyes. Even the pencil can vary in color: from a black to a plum purple . The important thing is to go to outline only the upper part of the eye. Do not overdo it with mascara, try mainly to obtain a curved effect on the eyelashes without going to accentuate the intensity of the product. In this way the eye is not weighed down by make up.

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